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Things are looking a little different here at Timber press. for the
past few years we have been improving the overall look of our books
with fresh, clear, inviting designs. now we have updated our logo
to communicate how we are growing into the future. we will still
publish the work of experts in gardening, horticulture, and natural
history — but in a way that appeals to a wider audience, and in
packages that refl ect that accessibility.
The most recent example of that effort is the launching of the
Plant Lover’s Guides, a new series about the plants that every
gardener should know, grow, and love. four new titles each spring
will highlight the best varieties of a particular genus or group of
plants, show how to design with them, and reveal tips and tricks
for propagation and cultivation. with their beautiful packages
and wealth of information, these books are must-haves for every
gardener and plant lover.
every gardener and nature lover will want to own Living Landscape:
Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden. Two of
our bestselling authors, doug Tallamy and rick darke, have teamed
up to show homeowners how to put the principles of doug’s seminal
book Bringing Nature Home into practice. by following their advice,
readers can help to slow the rate of species extinction and keep the
earth the biodiverse home it needs to be for our survival.
an easy way to increase biodiversity is to replace the lawn with
a garden. evelyn Hadden fi rst told us how in Beautiful No-Mow
Yards. now she is turning her attention to the last frontier of the
landscape in Hellstrip Gardening: Create a Paradise Between the
Sidewalk and the Curb. she shows how to reclaim this forgotten
bit of real estate and make it a beautiful, bountiful, thriving part of
the garden.
all the excitement isn’t just in the garden, either. we are introducing
another new series, this one of regional foraging books that provide
all the information readers need to fi nd the most fl avorful wild foods.
with local experts leading the way, readers will be able to turn their
backyards and the fi elds and forests beyond into a cornucopia of
produce for the table.
our look has been renewed and refreshed, but the mission remains
the same — to share the wonder of the natural world with readers
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