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Workman 2015 Calendar Catalog
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The thrill of glancing up at the wall and being
transported by a gorgeous image. The
anticipation of tearing off a daily page to
reveal what’s underneath. And the pleasure and
permanence of a beautifully illustrated
datebook for recording the year’s
events. Printed calendars
are tangible, they’re
visually compelling,
they are vehicles for
interests and obsessions.
They are also serious
business, and at
Workman, calendars do not play second
fiddle to the books. In fact, they
are published just like books,
with uncompromising editorial,
design, and production standards;
a spirit of innovation and
creativity (see this season’s new
Poster Calendar format);
vigorous publicity and
marketing; and an emphasis on
giving consumers exactly
what they want while offering
amazing value.
With 101 bold, energetic,
and delightful titles for
2015, Workman’s
calendar lineup is the #1
bestselling in America.
It’s a program packed
with recognized brands
and beloved series: The
New Yorker,
Downton Abbey,
Merriam-Webster, Metropolitan Museum of Art,
Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader, Mom’s Family,
and Audubon. That targets people’s passions, whether
travel (A Year in Italy, 1,000 Places to See Before
You Die), animals (Hangin with Sloths, 365 Cats),
fashion (Shoes, 365 Days of Watches), or gardening
(Seasons: A Year on the Farm, The
Secret Garden). That goes hand-in-hand
with successful books (Flower Recipe,
Unlikely Friendships). The result is more
satisfaction, more loyal fans, and the best
sell-through in the business, year after year.
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Workman 2015 Calendar Catalog

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