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Beautiful Shaye Taylor may be paranoid- but a serial killer is executing women right in her backyard! Shaye has nowhere left to go but the decaying trailer town of Flamingo Park, Florida. And the only way to protect herself and her colorful, yet compromised, acquaintances from the park is to conquer her crippling neurotic fears and track the killer. The world once loved Shaye as a popular swimsuit model. But now she's just "trailer park Barbie", broken by an exotic illness, and fleeing from a mental hospital with only her caring and edgy young roommate Adam to find her somewhere safe to recover. Like Shaye, her savior Adam, known as "Adam Ant", is beautiful and just a bit crazy. He'll do anything to raise money to get Shaye out of the ominous trailer park, full of hope that, in sunny Florida, anyone can be reborn. But before they can leave, someone starts murdering "fallen" women and burying them in ritual graves near their rental. And all the victims have extraordinarily long hair- just like Shaye. Only one man seems determined to stop the killer- hothead young cop Frank Danielo. But Danny's mix of moral passion, compromised past and muscular tactics may endanger the uncooperative park residents. So Shaye offers to help with insight into the convoluted mind of the killer. But what Danny wants from Shaye is much, much more. Florida has moved on with million dollar condos and high-rises and, in the overgrown alleys of Flamingo Park, no one is exactly what they seem. But Shaye must find courage and face truth before it is too late. Three men promise her freedom from her fears- the first a fantasy lover, the second a suburban protector and the third a ritualistic executioner who seems to have been waiting for her all along. To save herself, Shaye must learn to think like a lover, like a cop- and also like a killer- before she can find peace.

Published: Emma Lincoln on Jun 3, 2013
ISBN: 9780989519427
List price: $7.99
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