Seek that Goal from which they who have reached it never return. The Bhagavad Gita 15:4

The steps on the Eightfold Path can be found in many teachings and are sometimes called by different names.

The steps on the path to enlightenment are right understanding or view, right intention or judgment, right speech, right action or morality, right livelihood or habits, right effort or endeavour, right mindfulness or memory and right concentration or contemplation.

These steps are aspects of the path rather than a sequence of steps on the path. It is easy to see that the steps do not stand alone. Right speech must be preceded by the right intention which is preceded by the right understanding. Right endeavour must be preceded by right morality and so on.
This book leads the reader into a deeper understanding of how they may experience these things in modern life. It is a guide to conquering the difficulties in life by accepting the challenges and dealing with them in a higher way - that is the I AM that is the heartbeat of the soul.

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