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Jack Roberts/Paladin Of Galaeth

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The stories of Jack Roberts' adventures across the expanse of the milky way galaxy may or may not be true. it is hard to tell for his rendering of them have such sincerity to them that i, in part tend to believe them.
Some he offered up in person upon visits to my home and others were transcribed from his journals which i found stored away in a steamer trunk in the attic of the family home.
Early in his adventures he is made a paladin of the galaxy and in a world where law and order, galactic governments and unity are all but non existent he rallies to call of help, oft times merely stumbling upon situations that require his brand of assistance.
Endowed with the blood of the Cini people, known to Earthers as Elves he has been given the gift of long life.
He travels the galaxy riding his faithful dragon, Whiteflare who possesses a lifesphere that protects them from the elements of space.
Jack Roberts, Paladin of Galaeth, volume one, the adventures begins, tells the story of jack's transformation from a wwii fighter pilot to a galactic paladin.

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