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Through the Bride's Eyes

256 pages3 hours


The Beloved of God has held His hand through the seven long years of tribulation. She has watched from the great window of Heaven with Him, feeling the pain of the people below. But now, the terrible season is over and it is time for her to take her place with him on Earth as He makes all things new.

But, there is a war about to take place. It is not for land or power. It is for her heart.

As she trains for this great battle, she realizes that God has chosen the weakest person in the world to fulfill one of His greatest tasks.

With over a hundred scriptural references, this book is a series of dreams one woman had over the course of four months. With stunning details and layered meanigns, the story of the King's Beloved loving Him will shape your faith and rock you to your core. It will transport you to a time that will give you hope and set your path straight, keeping your focus on Christ alone.

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