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Freelance Copywriter: Top 10 Ways to Get Your Copywriting Business Off the Ground

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Get your copywriting business going quickly and easily with this reality-based guide.

Marcia Yudkin reveals the surprising launch methods used most often by her dozens of copywriting protégés over the years. Six of the top 10 methods can cost nothing at all, while the rest fit comfortably within a typical startup budget.

For each method, she explains who it's most suited for, whether or not it costs anything and how her protégés or other copywriters carried it out.

In addition, this ebook contains sample documents for four of the strategies and recommended resources for further study.

If you're drawn to a career in copywriting but don't have a clue how to find clients or you've been holding back because you don't enjoy the marketing methods you're usually advised to use, this compact ebook is for you.

When you finish reading, you'll feel excited about launching your business and a lot more confident about your path to success.

Veteran marketer Marcia Yudkin specializes in no-hype copywriting for online entrepreneurs, authors and publishers, local businesses, financial professionals and others who want to establish trust, maintain a reputation and spark sales. She is the author of Persuading on Paper, Meatier Marketing Copy, 6 Steps to Free Publicity and many other books.

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