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With The Angels

422 pages7 hours


First there was Bond, then there was Bourne and now there is Banks.
Former intelligence officer Tristan Banks thought he had left Afghanistan behind him but with the theft of a prototype bomb from a top secret government research facility his past has come rushing back to haunt him. Enlisted to recover the weapon and with the aid of the bomb’s designer, the beautiful Doctor Meghan Patrick, Tristan must embark on a dangerous mission to hunt down old enemies and confront who he has become. Their journey tracks the terrorists-for-hire from the old world charms of Europe to the frozen heights of the Hindu Kush as they test their physical and mental limits against the brutality of their adversaries. Can Tristan settle old scores and recover the bomb before it’s used to start a war? Can Meghan Patrick avenge the death of her mentor without losing herself in the process? Find out in the exhilarating new novel “With the Angels” the first in the Tristan Banks series of adventures.
Written in a style between that of the intense geo-political intrigue of a Tom Clancy novel and the swashbuckling romp that is a Clive Cussler, Dirk Pitt story this 120,000 word commercial spy thriller takes the reader on a fast paced adventure as Tristan and Meghan track down the bomb and pay the cost of revenge.

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