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Journey for Patience

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Do you have secrets from your past that haunt your thoughts? Patience has her own skeletons in the closet, and she is working hard to move beyond them.
A recent college graduate and just starting out, Patience takes a job with the Dream Foundation. She loves supporting families and helping children recover from circumstances of abuse. Opening her carefully guarded heart for the first time in a very long time, Patience meets a little boy named Andrew. She is determined to prove herself at work and make life just a little better for Andrew in the process.
Yet this journey takes an emotional toll on Patience. She is plagued with horrific memories from her own history growing up. Patience finds comfort among new friendships and even the spark of a budding romance. She finds herself dreaming of finally being able to settle down and living without fear.
But when the memories shift from imagined to reality, Patience must learn to deal with these challenges and fears or risk everything she has worked for all these years.

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