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What I've Learnt ...and What I Was Secretly Thinking Behind Their Backs.

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Please be advised, this book is largely the observations of an individual heavily involved in Communications and Media Studies; however, it also contains some very serious and heavy themes, parental guidance is recommended for children under the age of fifteen.

Over thirty years in the making!

Dedicated to excellence, the book that had to be written; Blake Joy’s “What I’ve learnt ...and What I Was Secretly Thinking Behind Their Backs” is a seriously serious book. You just have to be serious sometimes and this is a great place to begin. It covers a plethora of seriously important topics including War, Religion, Fitness & Nutrition, Driving, Professional Development, Biomechanics, Communications, History, Globalisation, The Media, Objectivity and The End of the World to name a few.

“What I’ve Learnt ...and What I Was Secretly Thinking Behind Their Backs” is also riddled with all of the best quotes and sayings that Blake has heard throughout his life, Quotes and sayings that need to be communicated to a wider audience, many quotes that also need to be edited for general exhibition. There is also a section detailing all of films and television programs that are absolutely essential viewing for all.

This book also outlines an order, “The order of goodness” that details a plan for a peaceful, understanding and loving global community. It also details how important one’s brain is to them and proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, the existence of “The Devil”, “El Diablo” or “Satan”, how to understand it, recognise it and resist it.

This book is an absolute MUST HAVE!!!

A mind blowing journey that you can’t read just once (surely).

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