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4 Week Intermediate Bodyweight Workout Routine (Workout At Home Series)

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The intermediate workout guide builds on the 4 week beginner’s workout guide program.

Now that you have built up your fitness base it is time to start the process of building lean muscle and burning fat.

The intermediate workout guide starts to become very challenging and is designed to give you a well rounded physique.

Each of the workouts in the intermediate guide are tailored to give you a full body workout. All of the intermediate workouts stress the importance of upper body, lower body, and abdominal strength while putting a strong emphasis on fat burning with plyometric and interval training.

The beauty of the intermediate workout guide is that all of these intense exercises can be done with absolutely no equipment! These workouts are fun, challenging, and constantly challenge your body in new ways.

The intermediate workout guide is designed to get you up to the advanced level workout guide in a 4 week period. You will work out 3 days per week and the workouts will build in intensity until you are ready for the advanced workout guide after week four.

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