This book describes a journey spanning three and a half years, defining a season which begins with having the knowledge of kings; the knowledge of God's divine purpose for each individual. Anyone in possession of this knowledge in his or her heart would know the kingdom of God and it would eventually get them into the kingdom of Heaven. It is the knowledge of God's purpose, in a human heart that would bring them the kingdom of God and it is this word of divine purpose for the kingdom of God that transforms him or her from a mere state of a human into a Prince or Princess with God. This kingdom would come alive inside you and would establish Jesus Christ's promise of an eternal life in anyone who believes for his/her God-kind of living in a kingdom of Heaven in this Earth.This book discusses the true meaning and difference between being born again and being saved, just as Jesus Christ did with Nicodemus; it compares the 9 months physical birth process to the three and a half years spiritual birth process brought to life in this teaching
A hidden secret that would end divorcing in marriage and strengthening from within, by putting into the hearts of our sons and daughters, the fear of God, to raise morality which was fast decaying; thereby healing and perfecting their hearts.
There are instructions and messages of truths from God, to the rich, poor and to the virgins in this book; Letters to the Pastors, Teachers, Evangelist, Apostles and Prophets, to the several churches on every island and continent of the Earth, to the unsaved and to the saved, to you and all your household and friends; for my God and Father never forgets a soul
Deeper secrets are revealed as one studies The Beautyfull Pages of The Fruitful Vine and its Intervention; secrets such as the beauty of God's greater light, His divine operations in divine training and divine surgery as they run concurrently externally and internally; the difference between God's Heaven and your heaven, God's Earth and your earth and so much more.I have presented in this book, like a map, given to you for directions from wherever you might be in life or geographical Earth, revealing the hidden secret path regarded here as the highway path such that it would be plane and clear, to pass straight unto the 12 Beautyfull Gates of the kingdom of Heaven spoken of in revelation It also proves the receiving of God's divine purpose for life as the next compulsory step after receiving the Holy Spirit into you. You would see how the commanding words of Jesus Christ “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you” is a combination of three stages.

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