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Get the Edge! Networking 1-on-1

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A fortunate few of us actually do get wiser as we grow older. Beverly Edgerton is a wonderful example. In Get the Edge! Networking 1-on-1, Bev cuts through the hype and buzz words about networking by revealing what is most valuable, essential, and timeless about networking successfully. “Timeless” because human nature is timeless, and Bev will convince you that appreciating the needs of others is the key to networking. Read Networking 1-on-1 for its treasure of insights and wisdom:

• Learn why networking is not about you and your business.
• Understand the heart of networking.
• Discover the key networking strategies.
• Find out why follow-up is essential and how to do it.
• Discover dozens of other powerful techniques and tips.
• Learn how to turn shyness into a networking asset.

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