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Breaking Cedar (Book 2 in Cedar's Series)

206 pages3 hours


Discovering she is protecting a spell that has the potential to release an immense uncontrollable power has thrust Cedar Monroe’s life into peril and there is no turning back.

And as her relationship with Kylan Turner progresses, she begins to wonder if she can truly trust him – considering when they had first met he was a member of the Komodans and tried to kill her in order to gain possession of the spell.

While the Komodans, a group seeking to obtain the spell she is protecting, continue to unleash wicked tricks in order to destroy her, an unexpected betrayal is on the way.

Just when Cedar worries she can't handle on more thing, she encounters added surprises that change her life forever, leading up to a forced confrontation, where she must make a choice. And with this decision will the Komodans learn what it takes to finally break her?

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