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8 Valuable Tips for Raising Teenagers

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Discover 8 Valuable Tips for Raising Teenagers.

Find out how to reduce the stress of parenting teens, improve your effectiveness at eliminating unwanted teenage behavior, and simplify your parenting goals.

In this book are a few well-chosen and effective parenting tips.

The teen's physical, mental, and emotional developmental growth is still incomplete. Human being take longer to mature, thus the adolescent transitional stage of development may last well into the twenties. It can stretch out a decade or more.

Teenagers are exposed to all kinds of factors that can influence their thinking, emotions, actions, and development. Parents remain important influencing agents, though the results of this influence may not be seen until later in life. You can be their anchor and foundation for a healthy, well-rounded, and wonderful adult life, while reducing your stress and frustration.
You will find examples of classic problems, investigate strategies for dealing with specific problem behaviors, and example of successful actions to take.

You are the parents. You will know when something works. Teens are also filled with angst, defiance, and stubbornness. Keep calm, and expect resistance. Learn how.

Each of the 8 Tips for Raising Teenagers are in separate sections, and identified in the Table of Contents to help you review the material and return to specific topics.

Are you ready to get going? Discover the basics of Living with Teenagers successfully.

To Your Parenting Success!

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