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How to Make Good Coffee

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How to make good coffee shows how to make fantastic tasting coffee from raw coffee beans. Italians know a lot about coffee, so let Elisabetta explain how to make coffee the real way, so that you get the best results at home. Learn how to choose and buy your beans, roast them and grind them. But most of all learn about all of the exciting ways to make real coffee at home.

Real coffee is very popular now. You only have to count all of the coffee shops in your local town. Drinking coffee is now an important part of our daily lives. Why is it then that we put up with all of that instant rubbish once we get home? Get this book to show you how to get that real coffee house taste at home. Elisabetta shows you how choose the best coffee beans, the best ways to buy them and then how to prepare the coffee itself. You too can have great tasting coffee whenever you want it.

The benefits of creating your own coffee at home are explained as are details of where coffee comes from and how it is farmed. These facts all help to explain where all the different tasting coffees come about. There are details about the equipment that you need to make fantastic tasting coffee and how you can make your experience even better by getting and using machines such as coffee grinders and roasters. There are a number of ways that you can prepare your coffee and the book explains how to use various coffee makers, including those for espresso coffee, filter coffee, French press, and Turkish coffee.

How to make good coffee gives details of the various methods of making coffee as well as how to decide which ones are best for you. There are a lot of different coffee recipes, provided in the book and includes all of those for making espresso coffee, which you would expect to find at your local coffee house. There are also recipes for other types of specialty coffee such as ones with alcohol and even iced coffee. Get this book so that you can better your life with great tasting real coffee.

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