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Silence Unfound

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Borne out of the angst of life in its day to day trappings bound in love, relationships and motherhood, is this poetry in prose. These have been written over the last few years and represent an internal struggle to come to terms with what life throws at you, all that you cannot control be it your own emotions, your lover’s or husband’s reactions or the world at large. The busy urban lives of doing something all the time often leads to one’s spiritual depletion compelling one to embark on this journey of self -discovery to understand more and try and create a balance in our lives. These poems are an outcome of that process of or shall we say journey of self-realization if you may.
Ultimately, it seems there is no final answer or answers, no magic mantra to be found, only a gradual understanding of one’s emotional turbulence and an acceptance of life as is.
As Rumi the Persian poet aptly put it: “You are a lover of your own experience ... not of me ... you turn to me to feel your own emotion”.
As one goes through life, through its eclectic mix of experiences, situations and interactions it’s many layers and hues reveal themselves through. The poems are an outcome of trying to understand these hues and each of these poems brings to the fore the emotions I felt while going through such life changing situations. The emotions range from despair, sadness to joy and hope and how small things in life can actually bring the much wanted relief.
Silence Unfound is one such small attempt and thing that has helped me channelize my emotions into poetry.

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