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The Mediterranean Diet for Healthy Living

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The Mediterranean diet for healthy living describes a diet that is good for your heart and good for keeping you young. Find out about the Greek island where people live to a healthy ripe old age and a scientific study from Spain which proves how healthy a Mediterranean diet can be. There are suggestions for how to get into Mediterranean living and there are also lots of tasty recipes to try.

To have a healthy heart you need to be on a Mediterranean diet. Doctors everywhere have been saying, for a long time now, that people should take up a Mediterranean style diet. There has been the notion, for many years, that this type of diet is really good for you, but there haven't been many scientific studies to back up the idea. This has all changed with the latest study based in Spain. There really is the evidence, so read about it and then change to a Mediterranean diet as given in this book.

In this book you can also read about the Greek island where most people live to a hundred or more and still manage to have full and active lives, including a good sex life well into old age! Read about the reasons why these people manage to live such healthy lives for so long. The alternative is an American standard diet, poor health and the last years of your life in a dull care home.

The Spanish scientific study proves that a Mediterranean diet actually can limit the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke. It also shows that the normal low fat diet, that you are asked to go on, does nothing to help your heart. It is a Myth. In fact you could be doing yourself more harm than good by depriving your body of the important fats that it really needs. All fats aren't bad. You really do need fat in your diet, but it has to be the right kind of fat.

There are details given of many Mediterranean diet recipes that you can cook at home to start off your new way of life. These recipes have illustrated instructions and are based on the food that Greeks, Spanish and other peoples from the Mediterranean regions normally eat. A lot of so called Mediterranean recipes in cook books and on the internet have been so Americanized that you still end up eating all of the bad parts of the standard American diet. You need to avoid these. Here you will find authentic recipes that follow the ideals of good Mediterranean food.

Study the Mediterranean meals that Greek islanders eat all of the time and then use the recipes given to make your own Mediterranean diet plan. Look at the Mediterranean diet food list so that you know which things to include into your meals. It also explains how to find good recipes or change existing recipes so that they can be a part of the Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean food is healthy, tasty and easy to make. Don't think that it is all about Mediterranean salads. There are many other recipes that you can make in your Mediterranean kitchen. Most of all, you will come to see that it is not only about a diet: it is about changing to a Mediterranean lifestyle, which means regular relaxation, sleep and exercise. Once you are engaged in your new Mediterranean lifestyle you will also know that your heart is healthy too!

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