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Natural Ways to Treat Dental Problems

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With the growing importance of proper oral health, more and more people are turning to their dentist to help take care of tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, mouth sores, and much more. But is a trip to the dentist always necessary? What if you need treatment but can’t afford the costly appointments? Diana Thorgill can help.

In 'Natural Ways to Treat Dental Problems', Diana Thorgill, who has written numerous books on health related topics, shares some of the more natural, alternative ways to treat common dental problems and ailments. It should be of no surprise that the tools of modern day dentists weren’t always available.

Early dentistry (going back 4000 years), relied on plants and other naturally-occurring herbs to prevent, treat and cure oral ailments. Cavities were filled with garlic, incense and caraway seeds. Hashish and cocoa were prescribed for toothaches and as a preventative measure, early civilizations used chewing sticks. Many still follow this tradition today.

If you are the type of person who is more comfortable with natural treatment methods and want to avoid going to the dentist, this book is a great resource for ways you can treat and even prevent your ailments with a simple trip to a health food store. Thorgill gives us natural treatments for prevention, teeth whitening, tooth infections, and much more.

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