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Saving His Mate

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Lance devoted his life to serving a vampire, Elizabella, until the day she committed suicide. These tragic events bring another vampire, Tavok, into his life. Though Lance knows immediately that he and Tavok belong together, he wonders if he deserves to find love while still so overcome by grief.

Tavok can hardly control himself when he meets Lance, his fated mate. Tavok knows Lance needs time to grieve, and he does his best to wait. Everything is perfect when they finally make love, but then Kadlin, Elizabella’s twin, arrives and makes no secret of his desire to possess Lance. Kadlin disappeared years ago after aligning himself with a demon, and Tavok will do anything to keep him away from Lance.

When Kadlin spirits Lance away to the demon realm, Tavok is racing against time to save his mate before Kadlin does something that will separate the two lovers forever.

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