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The first-ever portrait of a man forgotten by history: Agrippa, the last king of the Jews
He may not be a well-known figure, but Marcus Ilius Agrippa—grandson of Herod the Great—was the last king to have reigned over Palestine, reuniting the Jews briefly before the complete destruction of their society. It was Agrippa’s lifelong friend, the Roman emperor Claudius, who named him king. Although his reign was brief—38 CE to 44 CE—it was crucial. In the decades following Agrippa’s death in 44 CE, nearly one million Jews perished in the Great Revolt against Rome, and Jewish Palestine was wiped off the map.
Agrippa was at once adulated and hated, a libertine and a crook, feared and pursued, rich and ruined. His life read like a tragic novel, and for the Jewish people, his death was the beginning of a tragedy that would last twenty centuries.
Full of adventure and historical research, this masterful work of historical fiction contains two appendices providing maps, relevant Jewish history, and more.
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