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Maricopa Men in Pink: A Cry for Respect and Dignity in Maricopa Jail

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Vicente Ortiz finds himself in the Maricopa Jail charged with an
assault he did not commit. Back in Mexico Vicente’s fiancée Rosa
María, knowing that he in incapable of such a crime, decides that she
will attempt to cross the border to find him. In the hands of a
pollero, she is raped and left for dead in the New Mexico desert. The
humiliation of a beating by prison guards, exacerbated by one of the
infamous forced marches around the exterior of the jail wearing only
pink underwear, pushes Vicente to the depths of despair. This novel
touches on many topical issues in the United States: immigration,
racial prejudice, and the abuse of federal funds. These subjects are
intertwined in a tale of love and perseverance.

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