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The Prayer book is about prayer and thought and reflection, so why not an entire text that is prayer, and thought, in symbol, for the reader to hold in the Light of the Gospel of Christ, the Holy Bible and prayer. Thought, prayer and reflection. Reflection of the Light of God in the reader’s own soul. That is best how to describe reading the Bible- a reflection of the Light of God on one’s own soul. And still there is the book that can be read as prayer- the book of prayer- of any prayer- that be written in and by Faith. The Faith book Prayer runs through “Who it is For”- which is key for the book cannot be understood without knowing how it is written, that its substance is Faith but material fiction and without Jesus the Revealer Enthroned in the heart of the reader much revelation in its pages will be missed. The Holy Spirit is required to read and interpret the book Prayer, as with any Faith book, to the full; what little you can get without the Holy Spirit will entertain you, as vision and revelation is given, but through prayer, a greater revelation may be had- as with all books. God guides the reader as the reader reads down through the pages of Prayer, and comes onto chapters on the purpose of prayer, and prayer in a World made by God’s Word. Word after word is given to the reader of revelation. The Flesh is given revelation on, and so is the Universe in which it currently exists. Prayer in regards to movement, dance and song, the sacraments of the Church and men and women as each other’s “other halves” is described. Though each chapter can be read and studied on its own, each chapter leads in a fluid manner to the next by way of the leading of the Holy Ghost- a Word of God at a time. Each chapter contains Words of revelation relating to the chapter heading. At strategic points, throughout the book, prayers are made, which the reader is asked to join in with the writer in making. The final chapter of the book gives excellent examples of prayers, researched by the author under the leading of the Holy Spirit, and also some principles of prayer, so that the reader, immersed in the World of prayer, may have examples to pray with and learn from.

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