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My Sweetly Sleeping Sister (brother sister sleep sex erotica)

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Mark’s girlfriend just can’t give him everything he needs.

One night after she leaves, he hears his step-sister Addy moaning his name from downstairs and decides to see if she’s been holding on to the same long-buried fantasy that he’s been nursing for years.

He finds sweet, virgin Addy asleep, but when he gets close, she reaches for him, calls out to him, and like any good big brother, he isn’t going to say no to his baby sister.

This sizzling erotic short story features a taboo sleep sex fantasy, a horny little virgin, years of pent-up lust, and a sex-soaking cream pie finish.


“I just love fucking you,” he groaned. “I don’t need to come. Having that pussy slide up and down me, feeling you shake, that’s all I need.”

His words were really, really, really, getting me hot. The whole thing was just nuts – I’d never done anything like this before. Never once in my life, but if he walked in that door right now...I looked over at the door of my bedroom...I’d let him do whatever the hell he wanted with me. No questions. More than anything, I wanted my big, strong brother Mark to take what I’d never given to anyone.

The squeaking slowed, then stopped, and I heard feet hit the floor above me.

She must be worn out. But he never did...I bet my brother’s still ready to go, ready to stuff that big thing

“Are you sure?” It was Clarissa again. She sounded out of breath. “Can I suck that big dick and swallow the load you won’t pump inside me?”

Mark chuckled. “It’s okay. Really. It takes me a while. I don’t want to hurt you. Don’t worry about it. As soon as you’re gone, I’m gonna lay here and think about you. I’m gonna squeeze it and tug on it until...well. I’ll let you leave with that thought in mind so maybe you come back tomorrow.”

I’d suck your dick too, Mark. I’d let you fuck me. I’d let you take my little virgin cunt and ring me out. I’d...let you do anything you wanted. Anything, anywhere.

I blushed, deeply, at my own naughty fantasy. No way was any of that going to happen. No matter how I might objectify him, Mark’s a really nice guy. He’d never step across that line. Even though we grew up together – he’s only a year older than me – he’d never tried to make any moves or do anything like that with me before. And it’s not like I’m some kind of slug, so it isn’t that. Thinking about it, I’d caught him looking at me a few times, the ways guys do, but no, he’d never go any farther than that.

No matter how bad you want him to, huh? I thought.

A second later, I heard his door close and I sunk my fingers inside my sloppy-wet pussy. It only took a few seconds, which is way less than it normally does, for me to grind out a quick-breathing little orgasm. The smell of my sex hovered gently in the air. As I closed my eyes, and started to dream, I hoped maybe she’d change her mind and go back to fuck my brother more.

That way, I thought, maybe I’d dream of him...

DISCLAIMER: All characters in this work are eighteen years old or older, and are consenting adults taking part in a sexual fantasy.

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