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The Tax Code For A Millennium

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The Tax Code for a Millennium presents a Remedial US Income Tax Code that is expressed in less than twenty five words. Imagine eliminating the voluminous and confusing Tax Code Regulations accompanied by the complete elimination of all individual taxpayer returns (i.e. all 1040’s and their related schedules).
The Remedial US Tax Code is defined in less than 25 words as follows:

“Solitary purpose - raise funds to pay the bills without any economic, political or social engineering whatsoever. Essential characteristics - fairness, efficiency, enforceability and simplicity.”

Since the author does not dwell on what is wrong with the present tax code, this enlightening book is a “Quick Read”. The focus is on a realistic remedy that could eventually pave the way to solving the recurring problem of deficit spending.

The most welcome features of the accompanying Tax Plan are as follows:
1) Eliminating the annual filing of all Individual Tax Returns will relieve a tremendous amount of costly anxiety for most people.
2) Fostering long lasting green benefits will result from eradicating tons of unnecessary paper when all Individual Tax Returns will be discontinued.
3) Streamlining the operation of the Internal Revenue Service will establish a less costly and more efficient collection of Revenue.

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