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Spring Demon: Complete

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Spring Demon: Complete

Length: 86 pages1 hour


All three parts of the Winter Demon sequel Spring Demon! ***Explicit Adult Content!*** Takuma is a naïve village doctor living in feudal Japan with Ryuuto, his evil fox demon boyfriend. The doctor connected with Ryuuto when he needed the demon’s powers to heal his sister. Ryuuto demanded Takuma stay with him in exchange for his services. Takuma agreed, and eventually fell in love with the dour kitsune demon. Ryuuto is loath to admit it—but he’s fallen in love with Takuma, too.

Relationships aren’t a simple matter for Ryuuto. He’s never had a successful relationship because he can’t control his demon nature while in the throes of passion. This is the reason he hasn’t taken Takuma to bed yet. For the first time the fox demon loves someone too much to hurt them.

Enter Figaru: an incubus who needs to ‘feed’ on a regular basis or he’ll become sick. He knows he can teach Ryuuto to control his demon nature. He just needs some practice.
Takuma gives his permission for Figaru to train Ryuuto, but when the time for their liaison comes he changes his mind. Can he persuade a lustful incubus to go home without feeding? Or will he end up on Figaru’s menu instead?
Spring Demon is a serialized novel in three parts. It’s presented as a standalone story, but is actually a sequel to the Winter Demon graphic novel series!

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