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Spring Demon: Complete

Spring Demon: Complete

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Spring Demon: Complete

86 pages
1 hour
Jun 28, 2013


All three parts of the Winter Demon sequel Spring Demon! ***Explicit Adult Content!*** Takuma is a naïve village doctor living in feudal Japan with Ryuuto, his evil fox demon boyfriend. The doctor connected with Ryuuto when he needed the demon’s powers to heal his sister. Ryuuto demanded Takuma stay with him in exchange for his services. Takuma agreed, and eventually fell in love with the dour kitsune demon. Ryuuto is loath to admit it—but he’s fallen in love with Takuma, too.

Relationships aren’t a simple matter for Ryuuto. He’s never had a successful relationship because he can’t control his demon nature while in the throes of passion. This is the reason he hasn’t taken Takuma to bed yet. For the first time the fox demon loves someone too much to hurt them.

Enter Figaru: an incubus who needs to ‘feed’ on a regular basis or he’ll become sick. He knows he can teach Ryuuto to control his demon nature. He just needs some practice.
Takuma gives his permission for Figaru to train Ryuuto, but when the time for their liaison comes he changes his mind. Can he persuade a lustful incubus to go home without feeding? Or will he end up on Figaru’s menu instead?
Spring Demon is a serialized novel in three parts. It’s presented as a standalone story, but is actually a sequel to the Winter Demon graphic novel series!

Jun 28, 2013

About the author

Yamila Abraham founded the publishing company Yaoi Press in 2004. Over the last decade she's overseen the publication 50 Boy's Love titles including graphic novels, comic books, novels, and art books. Abraham has successfully licensed Yaoi Press titles into several foreign languages. Abraham is a prolific writer with over a dozen graphic novel and novels in print with four different publishers. She wrote two of Yaoi Press' best selling series: Winter Demon and Dark Prince. She's written hundreds of novels, both yaoi and science fiction romance, that have been translated into foreign languages. Her first scholarly article on the topic of international BL was published by McFarland Press in 2010. Abraham currently works diligently on numerous illustrated ebooks through Yaoi Press' newest imprint, Yaoi Prose. Abraham has been a speaker or guest of honor at 150 anime fan conventions.

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Spring Demon - Yamila Abraham

Spring Demon Complete


Yamila Abraham

Cover by Himitsu Studio


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* * *

Lord Ryuuto, you should have come with me to Rina’s wedding, Takuma said while seated at a small table in his demon lover’s home.

Ryuuto lowered his teacup with a look of disdain. Our being together doesn’t mean I have to attend your trifling family affairs.

Of course—but at this one you would have been an honored guest. Everyone was so grateful that you healed my sister.

He glared at him. Your sister was merely a tool I used to force you to be with me. I didn’t intend to help her, or your family. And those mortals would have badgered me to keep healing their sick.

Takuma considered this a moment. It’s true the groom’s mother wanted Ryuuto to come so she could have her wounded foot healed. Takuma hoped he’d oblige her, and other mortals in the village. It would certainly make his work as a doctor easier.

Ryuuto’s irritated expression grew in intensity (as though he could read Takuma’s mind). He wondered what made his little fox fiend so crabby that afternoon.

Ryuuto braced himself with one hand on the floor to rise. I must check my snares. I want you gone before I return.

Takuma felt a sting. This was more than crabbiness.

But I…I brought you food from the wedding. And I was hoping we could…

Ryuuto turned back to look at him.

…cuddle tonight.

The pause that followed made Takuma realize something heavy weighed on Ryuuto’s mind.

You can’t be here tonight, he said while donning sandals before his front door. It’s the first night of the full moon.

He left while the implications of his words wracked Takuma’s mind.

It was a month ago, Takuma remembered, when their wet bodies pressed together in Ryuuto’s hot spring. They did not make love. Ryuuto admitted he still had trouble controlling his demon nature while in the throes of passion.

He’d almost killed himself once trying to become purified like his demon friend Fuyu. His hope was to banish those brutal passions in one swipe. Since he failed, Takuma was terrified of their romance escalating. He much preferred the innocent love they had now, with kisses and cuddles that gave him a fluttery feeling in his belly.

Alas, no. Ryuuto’s ambition was to go all the way.

He explained that on the first night of the full moon a powerful demigod demon named Figaru would come to his pagoda in the woods. Figaru would train Ryuuto on how to temper the beast within him—by controlling him through a night of lovemaking.

If this will turn you into a jealous, resentful nuisance, then I won’t do it, he said while squeezing Takuma close in the hot spring.

Lord Ryuuto—why…why would you ever want to do this?

So we can have sex, of course.

But to let another demon dominate you…

Do you think I like it? I was humiliated. Shattered from within. I’d never been scraped so raw—made so vulnerable. And yet, when I peered through that haze of anguish I saw I’d emerged a different creature. When he comes next time I want to know for certain that his lessons are permeating my flesh and my mind. Then, perhaps, I can draw you into my arms without fear.

Takuma felt tears at the corners of his eyes. He was both touched by Ryuuto’s devotion, and overcome by sympathy for what he was willing to endure.

Lord Ryuuto. His words were choked. I can’t let you suffer this way for me. This demon—he’s cruel to take advantage of your weakness.

Ryuuto clucked his tongue and turned away. He’s supposedly a good demon. He works for a Priest Shidan in Seinaru.

Shidan? I know who he is.

"Fuyu sent him to me. The demon’s an incubus. If he doesn’t

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