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To Novaya Zemlya

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To Novaya Zemlya

Length: 350 pages5 hours


A research scuba diver is many miles offshore in the Caribbean at night when he is nearly killed by a new class of a highly secret, offensive submarine. His luck further plunges when he returns home to find that he has been let go from his academic position. His resurrection comes through an attractive naval officer he earlier met at a seminar. She confirms his fear that the sub belongs to a country which has become hostile--due to the Arctic riches made progressively more accessible by global warning. His familiarity with the sub--and his exceptional hearing--make him invaluable to the Navy. Soon, he finds himself on a SEAL team, headed to one of the most desolate parts of the globe. All too soon, his survival is again threatened on a military excursion to a frozen Russian island that contains a highly secret Russian nuclear base.

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