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June Bug Fantasy

237 pages3 hours


What happens when your fantasy starts loving you back? Roy Wedman is about to find out. Unlike his past daydreams about the demure but alluring Sheila Adams, Roy's mind sinks into a "male stupor", that mental-escape pod where men hide when women are not watching and where anything can happen--and does! There he encounters Sheila's alter ego, a lively sprite who befriends him and meddles in his midlife crisis to prove it.

June Bug Fantasy is the story about this adrift, middle-aged family man, who finds meaning, direction, and unexpected romance while in the care of a doting phantom. Their paranormal relationship is a fun-packed, topsy-turvy journey from denial and confusion to acceptance and insight. At every turn Roy risks losing the real albeit dysfuntional world that he knows as well as the virtual world that he imagines. Yet Sheila's (the phantom's) patient, mystical guidance ultimately leads him toward a greater understanding of his essential worth in both realms.

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