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Zombie Zero: Survival of the Deadest

303 pages5 hours


Teri Soto is ordered to find a missing CDC team. She arrives at their last known coordinates and uncovers a secret so startling that it could lead to the final Apocalypse. High up on the mountain, surrounded by frozen zombies, is the man the CDC has long referred to as Zombie Zero. She has to find a way to get him back to headquarters without killing everyone in the process. If she can accomplish that, she’ll save the human race. If not, then nature will take its course and only the deadest will survive.

In this gruesome sequel to Zombie Zero, Scot McAtee returns to the always revolting, yet sometimes comical, world of the hungry undead, delivering chills and thrills that are sure to make you want to leave your night light on and the gun in your bedside table loaded.

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