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Bettered by a Dead Crustacean

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“Worldwide, humans eat over one and a half million tons of crab. Two or three ounces of crab meat will supply a whole days' worth of vitamin B-12.
I wonder who was the first person to look at the bony, spidery, horror-movie-type creature and think, "Man, I bet that tastes good"? I mean really.

Even crazier, is the fact that I have a healthy repulsion and fear of spiders. And crab--they look like spiders. And YET...I EAT THEIR LEGS and go nom nom nom.

How sick is that?"

Think David Sedaris meets Nora Ephron. It becomes clear, as you read through these pages, that Baeli relies on humor as a survival mechanism. "I'm an open book, but some of the pages are stuck together," she admits.
From a comical account of falling off the top of her SUV (Cherryot Gymnastics), to the lively The Truth About Cats & Dogs. And Horses. And Mooses to the feral and thought-provoking Coffee, Stupidity, Insanity & Germs, the author delights us with a collection of comic ruminations that speak to our humanity in the most creative and entertaining ways. ~Indie Literati Press

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