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The Ninja Agenda

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Aubrey Carlisle is a first grade teacher. She's also a 6'2", leather-wearing, motorcycle-riding killer of pedophiles. The fact that Aubrey has no emotions makes what she does even easier.

Aubrey gets her information from Source, a 17-year-old who was abducted and abused when he was eight. Source is a computer genius who can find where and when a pedophile will strike before the cops do.

Detective Tim Braver knows Aubrey's secret. Like half the force, he'd love to throw her a parade. But murder is murder and Aubrey is wanted by the police.

In The Ninja Agenda, an Aubrey Carlisle Short, Aubrey brings her Kawasaki Ninja in for repairs. But she is suspicious about the way the owner treats his young son. He dishes out physical abuse instead of sexual abuse. It's all the same to Aubrey. This man has to pay.

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