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Eight of Cups

461 pages7 hours


Thirty years, six women, one question.
Dreams, ambitions, pleasures, plans and fears.

For Diane, Nancy and friends, leaving Edinburgh University in the mid 1970s, such attachments initially serve them well. Heading out to England, Ireland, Wales, America and the Middle East, their very different lives intertwine and paths cross. But as 40 looms, the going gets tougher. The old attachments tighten their grip and their lives start to rock and unravel - with devastating consequences for some of the group. Eventually each woman is forced to confront her own reality; some with insight, others not. Is there a different and better road ahead? Is there still time to rescue their lives?
Eight of Cups is a genuine page-turning novel; an entertaining yet bittersweet story that asks serious questions about the potential for attachments to smash our hopes of becoming all we can be.

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