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Aphrodite Encumbered-Book I-Celestial Sparks

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Zen's world of creating buildings of excellence has vanished with his last effort of designing an outstanding extension to a doctor's residence nestling in between an outcrop of natural boulders, much lauded by the director at an international conference for contemporary architecture in coloured stainless steel. The writing is on the wall,while he longs to express his creative art in his profession, he battles against windmills of ignorance at City Hall and with strong-armed clients. For some time he plans the escape of a professional-world he seems to be ignored in, besides the clutches of a changing maelstrom of a new South Africa, whose violent and disintegrating human environment he cannot face any longer. Researching a travel chat program, he meets Hana, who has an outgoing personality and an impulsive joie du vivre. They fall in love, in spite of their physical encumbrances, less noticeable on their webcams, and experience freedom of heir unbridled personal expressions, both mentally and physically. It is a feast of body and soul for the budding soulmates. Is it coincidence or fate that as he prepared to pack for leaving to a country, he and his high-strung souse had agreed upon, it's also Hana's home? During the time of their imminent leave, waiting for selling their property, Zen's emotional life turns into a torch of passion with Hana, as they role-play their sexual fantasies.

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