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The Gender Swap Frat Pledge French Maid (Gender Trasformation Erotica)

28 pages26 minutes


The Alphas throw the best parties on campus with the best booze and the best girls, and that’s why Frank wants to pledge with them. But when they require their pledges to dress up in the sexiest maid costumes they can find and cater a party, things get a bit out of hand for Frank. Frank’s costume isn’t just making him look like a sexy maid; it’s actually turning him into one. When the Alphas find him, he guaranteed to be a hit at the party!

Explicit- This 7000 word story contains scenes of male to female gender transformation and three way sex between college aged men and women.


I could tell by looking in his eyes I had changed more since he had seen me on the street...perhaps considerably more. He stared at me for just a moment more before stepping close and whispering, "Who are you? Are you pledge Frank...or are you some chick? What's going on?"

The moment he stepped close my breath quickened. I could smell his cologne and my heart raced at his proximity. I felt a small moan rising in my throat which I barely suppressed. I fought the urge to drop to my knees and service him. I fought the urge to run around and clean the house that so desperately needed a woman's touch. I looked into his eyes and felt the tingling in my crotch magnify yet again. I wanted to answer him but I didn't know what to say.

Before I could decide what to say I felt a new sensation; I felt a trickle of moisture seep out of my panties and run down my inner thighs

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