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Buttcracks and Willful Ignorance

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First things first: if asked the Bernard Pivot Personality Profile question, "What turns you off?" Schrum’s answer would be, "Buttcracks and willful ignorance." So that’s where the title comes from. This volume contains a representative sampling of Schrum’s writing from 1977 to (almost) the present. Many of the stories arose from inspirations of the moment; others resulted from letting imagination take flight to see where it would go.
There are three sections: “Short Stories,” “Character Sketches,” and “Non-Fiction.” The second section contains short bits and dramatic pieces, with longer stories (fiction and non) framing them. Readers will discover Schrum’s usual poetic phrases infusing his prose. Featuring a few photographs of actual objects that inspired the stories and a brief discussion of each of the works and its origin or inspiration, this collection will amuse the reader with the author’s insight and humor.

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