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Sold To The Millionaire

41 pages35 minutes


The intelligent, beautiful and very skint Kate Harrison signs up to take part in a private sex auction to be held for the sole benefit of millionaire Seth Farrington. He is looking for a girl to buy for the weekend, and the inexperienced and innocent Kate will be the one.

In Seth’s own words; ‘I don’t do emotional attachment Kate. This is a business deal, nothing more, nothing less. There is no room for a woman in my life. This isn’t some romantic movie. I will take what I want from your body, and then I will discard you.’

He will indeed use her body in the most extreme ways imaginable, awakening in Kate dark kinks she didn’t even know existed, let alone possessed.

Falling in love with a man like Seth is a dangerous game. A game she doesn’t have much chance of winning unless she can thaw his ice cold heart. Unless she can teach him how to love.

This 8,000 word erotic story contains graphic depictions of kinky sex acts and is intended for readers over eighteen.

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