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Diary Of An Aged April

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The poet muses about his life, his friends, while cleaning out his studio to be made ready for being part of selling the property,as he and his spouse have decided to leave Africa of the South. A woman agent intrudes into his personal life, opening drawers and cupboards to assess the volume for transporting his stuff to his new place of stay.It feels like if she would denude him of his secrets of his life and they become friends in the process. Life in Africa has become and old man walking on a cane, his life as an artist scattered like paint across the boundary wall of their property that is to be refurbished. Once long time ago, his spouse used to select the small and intimate home. In the days of wine and roses. The builders arrive to tackle the general refurbishing his spouse has scheduled. The agent arrives and lauds the efforts of refurbishment, but shocks the poet's wife with a realistic sales figure way below what she has thought of. Waiting months for the sale to go through is draining their nerves and causes tension. For B it's tablets for him it's beers. Carl his friend and colleague from working as a team stands by him and takes over paintings and bric-a-brac. He gives him a gouache painting as a present that he did when he was 17 years of age.The poet invites his Muses from all around the world for a farewell party on the soil of Africa. FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE have always carried him through thick and thin, when domestic issues clouded the married life. While Europe suffers from an ash-cloud darkening out the sun, Africa of the South is experiencing heavy continuous rains and floods. He has to work hard with Carl to ease the flow of unusual rain that rises to a pond in the small yard in front of his studio. He will apply a Zen-type design for his front garden and the back garden and share his love with his Muse Hana, while sunbathing in the nude. He dreams of a pilgrimage to the sacred precinct of Eleusis and Hana will accompany him as his partner in stealth. While his spouse fights with her nervous tremor, he ventures into the magical world of virtual life and creates wondrous poetry. Muses believe in him and Anna, herself a poet has assisted him in his calling before she died tragically. Hope for his artistic calling helps him staying alive with the help of his Muse Hana, who cares for his emotional wellbeing.Do racial tensions rise? Democratic ideas spiked with hate speeches of leaders, the Rainbow children will slide into a swelling stream of racialism yet again, only this time it is cannot be blamed on racial separation. What's the way forward is the common question, and he answers that it's LOVE.

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