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Supermom: The Lost Child

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Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

How seriously are we taking our constitutional, inalienable rights these days? There is certainly plenty of focus on power, money and success. But where will that get you if in the end you fail to achieve the ultimate right – happiness? Time to get back on track and aim for what really matters – happiness.

In SUPERMOM: The Lost Child we explore how, as children growing up in dysfunctional families, we got off track and lost the most precious aspect of ourselves – our inner child.
Since, as we all know, there is nothing new under the sun, neither is there anything new in this book. So why bother to read it you might ask yourself? The only major and very important difference is that this book is approached from the perspective of the layperson – not the book learned professionals who preach what theories they learned in books or the loftiest of the lofty spiritual gurus. Here you will find the wisdom of a Jane Q Citizen who merely seized every possible opportunity to pursue happiness and actually did it!

There are many roads to nirvana. Unfortunately specific disciplines (religions, philosophies, psychological theories, organizations, etc.) are inclined to push their own good ideas as the “way.” But let's face it. A cake made out of nothing but flour would be a pretty major failure. And a pursuit of happiness conjured up from only a finite number of possibilities would also prove to be a major disappointment in accomplishing that important ultimate goal.
In keeping with what we hear will be the theme of the coming human cycle (beginning December 2012 and continuing on the the following 26,000 years), this book will approach the pursuit of happiness from the perspective of expanded consciousness – the inclusion of multiple approaches to finally achieving true happiness.

This is not one more “way” but a recipe of lots of yummy possibilities to living a happier, more peaceful life.

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