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Deacon's Angel

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Sitting on a plane in a black sky, Deacon Conner awakens, with no memory. He doesn’t know where he is going or where he has been. Everyone around him seems to be sleeping except the little gray-haired lady sitting next to him. He realizes with a chill, she knows more about him than he knows about himself. When she tells him her name is Sister Margaret Mary it has no significance. He doesn't understand why she says his destiny has been changed; The Boss has given him a second chance. Yet from that moment his life becomes a series of chain events.

Finding himself suddenly in Louisiana, all he remembers of his past life is the information on his driver’s license. He hasn’t the time to ponder his circumstances though. Within hours of reaching his sad little trailer, a hurricane hits and Deacon risks his life to pull Brie Elliot from the raging river. Together the two strangers struggle with the storm and its aftermath. He calls her his angel because her face reminds him of the angels on Christmas cards.

Suddenly Sister Margaret Mary begins making appearances in Deacon’s life as the couple moves north to Black Mountain, N.C. She first appears in a dream warning that death is near. She again shows up after the murder of his boss and good friend. He is convinced she is the messenger of death. Then she visits him for the third and final time in his hospital bed.

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