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Cancer is My Name

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I received a one-way ticket from Hell:
“Congratulations. You have colon cancer”
.....stop.....breath.....colon cancer?
“Please watch you step and enjoy your stay”.
....what?.....breathe, remember to breathe.....
As I read the words over again, I was transported into another world.

We are brothers and sisters.We wear the same mask. We are the faces of cancer.
When faced with death, emotions will soar from happiness to anger within a blink of an eye. Had it not been for my musings, family and friends, I would not survive. I talk about Cancer, often metaphorically through my poetry. I slash dragons and chase monsters- all who are named Cancer. I look in the mirror and all I see is Cancer. Cancer consumes me. It becomes my identity. I speak for all who are fighting cancer or hold the hand of a loved one who is fighting cancer. We are brothers and sisters. We travel the same path. We wear the same mask. We are you. You are me. We are Cancer.

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