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Club Midnight (Dead End Streets: Deadly Liaisons #3)

81 pages1 hour


This is a 20,000 word novella. This work follows "Drain Me Dry" and "Addicted to the Bite".

Jamie-boy and Damian are settling into an odd life together, but money troubles force Damian to ask for assistance from his sire. While he's away Jamie-boy is introduced to Club Midnight, a sadistic sex club catering to Daybreak, the anti-vampire group responsible for the destruction of Damian's bar.

What Jamie-boy sees there ignites a passion in him, but there's more to Club Midnight than kinky sex. The leader of Daybreak is cruel and manipulative and the fledgling vampires of New Franklin are in over their heads without Damian. Lives are at stake, but can Jamie-boy and Damian rescue their people, bring down Club Midnight, and still have time to get it on?

Contains: graphic m/m sex, BDSM (bondage, flogging, blood-letting, CBT, toys, spanking, and more), graphic violence and abuse.

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