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Aphrodite Encumbered: Book II - Flames of Tryst

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Zen has been a victim of fraud, when applying for a position at Caltex Oil & Gas Company. He only finds out through a friend, but it's too late, the criminals have duped him for his cash. Hana is a great Muse soothing his mind and loving him and putting him back to normality. Carl, his engineering friend falls back on Zen to support him with lifts to his mechanics that repair is beloved Opel six cylinder.Sen, a young Chinese woman befriends him during the hype of the Olympic Games online and send him a gift of special tea.Hana travels through a hard patch of supporting her ailing husband, while Zen writes poetry and turns all negatives of his profession into lyrics. Zen researches the sacred precinct of Eleusis, as it is strange to him that the second most important sanctuary in ancient Greece has been left aside without more efforts into extending excavations there. Between working lunches and business suppers, Carla and Zen keep their frail building and design businesses going. For how long? In midst of violence and everyday danger they survive within their circle of friends and the spots they frequent for entertainment. New work is sparse and between supervision jobs, Zen supports Carl, who has a mission of keeping his ageing cars on the road.Zen prepares for an investigating trip to Greece, with Hana assisting him with the selection of a hotel nearby their domicile. Zen has been heading the refurbishment of their home and Bea is afraid that he spends too much money on the renovations. Zen is adamant that he is doing the right thing.

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