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To Risk Extinction

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Dr. Donna Taylor has discovered, isolated, and manufactured the anti androgen hormone,(AAH)that once induced into an organism, factors at an excelled pace, overriding the body's natural endocrine system. She and her two young colleagues are using the AA hormone is test studies on laboratory animals, but the Government wants to test it on inmates at a prison for notorious sex offenders. Once the Government team as established the results that these sexual deviants have lost all their urges, they ordered Dr. Taylor to produce more of the AAH to disperse to Nations where AIDS has reached epidemic proportions. However it soon becomes evident that the AA hormone factors itself rapidly and causes more problems than limiting sexual responses. Once induced into an organism, it not only quenches libido, but shuts down all biological reproductive organs and inhibits the body's natural hormone production resulting in rapid aging, and all the problems associated with it. Dr. Taylor, Brad Logan, and Siria, a young doctor from Africa, must find a solution, or reversal to the anti androgen hormone before mankind becomes extinct!

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