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Turning on the Lights

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What if they cured Alzheimer's?

Marc Nelson is a long time nursing home resident who is suffering from advanced Alzheimer's. He has been selected by a research group to receive an experimental treatment for Alzheimer's. The treatment works and Marc's brain now functions like that of a normal person.

The problem is that the treatment only restored Marc's logic and reasoning skills. The treatment did not restore his memories. Marc now thinks he is twenty years younger and has only partial memories of his past. He is convinced that he has a daughter and that she needs him. The doctors have no record of his daughter and they believe that his memory of a daughter is a left over delusion from his Alzheimer's state.

Marc knows that only after he finds his daughter can he restart his new life. This is a story of Marc journey to rediscover his past and find his daughter that only he believes in.

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