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Submitting To The Mistress

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Excerpt: Chantal finished the look with a pair of knee-high black PVC high heel boots. When she had pulled them on, she picked up a short riding crop and walked across to the wardrobe mirror. Oh yeah, she thought, the transformation is complete. Mistress Chantal was ready to play and all she needed was a little slave to have some fun with. She looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was 2.55pm. Only 5 minutes to go she thought and sat on the bed to wait.

At one minute past three there was a knock on the door. Chantal looked up at the clock and saw that the man was late. Time to have some fun she thought, walking along the hall to the door and opening it. The man had his back to her and his eyes opened wide as he turned.

“Hi I’m Simon, it’s nice to...” the man started, but Chantal cut him off.

“Did I tell you to fucking speak,” she said harshly, looking at the man who appeared to be in his early 30s.

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