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Playing Dirty With The Bodybuilders

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Excerpt: The day passed slowly and Kim couldn’t help looking at her watch every 10 minutes. As the sun started to drop in the sky she finally got up from the lounger she had been relaxing on and made her way along the beach front. As she approached the pen the sky was darkening and she could see the crowd around the weight pen had already started to thin out. Kim worked her way to the front and stood watching the body builders lifting weights. She enjoyed the sight of the rippling muscles and little trunks and could feel her excitement rising. As the evening wore on the crowd got smaller still, until only Kim and two other girls were left watching.

Three of the body builders eventually gave up for the day and when they came out the pen, greeted the two waiting girls and headed off into the darkness. Kim felt her excitement mount, wondering what was going to happen. There were still two of the body builders left in the pen and they continued to work out. They looked across in her direction every so often, but as they exercised made no effort to come over. Eventually one of the men stopped and Kim saw him approaching.

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