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A book of poetry powerfully expressing the different accounts of Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America, during his ascension toward the White House. Taking extreme care in keeping it challenging and stimulating, exposing many different viewpoints upon his stepladder of accomplishments.

From out of an era, an environment that loves to believe that we get where we are by self-will and strong determination, this book views President Obama’s ascension from a different tilt or point of view. Sometimes in our world things just happen the way they do, because they are supposed to happen that way.

Once, maybe twice, during any century a person will appear that has an ability to brush against the lives of millions and millions of different people. While leaving a gracious impression that they were there, President Barack Hussein Obama, is one of those rare individuals that have emerged during our era. The question yet unanswered about him, what influence if any to our great nation our world will he leave behind in his footprints?

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