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Ready Reference Treatise: The Spanish Tragedy

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“The Spanish Tragedy” is said to be one of the best Elizabethan tragedies written by Thomas Kyd. It is said to have been written between 1582 and 1592.
The play was highly popular in its time, and it created a deep impact on the minds of the readers and viewers.

This very play established a new genre in English theatre that is named as “the revenge play” or “the revenge tragedy.”

One of the characters in the play is the personification of Revenge. The plot is full of many violent murders.

Most of the famous playwrights of the time such as William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, and Christopher Marlowe often referred to “The Spanish Tragedy” or the parodied reference to the play in their own works.

Ready Reference Treatise: The Spanish Tragedy
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Characters
Chapter Three: Plot Overview
Chapter Four: Complete Summary
Act I
Act II
Act IV
Chapter Five: Critical Analysis

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