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BOL: The Business Of Life

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The Business of Life (BOL) offers a straight-forward and practical framework to view your life as a business whose profits are measured not in dollars but in happiness.

It shows you the fundamental business model and the derived BOL model, and explains how you can adapt it to design and direct your activities towards leading a fun, productive & happy life, unrestricted by needless busywork and other nuisances.

Different elements from the BOL model are discussed in detail and you’ll be shown how they relate to each other and to your end goal: maximizing your happiness.

You will find practical rules and examples added throughout this eBook and in future versions Big Bang situations and major life events will be thoroughly analyzed from a BOL perspective.

BOL is the result of many years of studying life as it happens, business as it is practiced and taught, and stories as they are told or unfold. Although some of the content has previously been communicated or published by leaders of Fortune 100 companies, professors of prestigious business schools and NY Times best-selling authors, this is not meant to be a research piece. It is a collection of business school concepts, modern philosophy, personal experiences and granny’s tales.

The Business of Life is the product of my personal quest to connect the dots and understand what life’s really all about. It is intended to help you leap-learn about what makes the world turn, to avoid others’ mistakes and ultimately give you pointers towards a more effective, fulfilling and happier life.

Applying the KISS principle I have made a conscious effort to focus on the most important topics and talking points. Although BOL is meant to be an easy and entertaining read, it still provides a wealth of information and clearly points out where the real ‘profits’ are made.

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