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Carb Cycling and Calorie Shifting

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Carb cycling and Calorie shifting are both methods that are used for dieting and body weight management. These two schemes can be used individually or together in order to get a greater effect. Examples and suggestions are given throughout the book. These diets are compared to other popular diets so that the right choices can be made. These two diets will also be of interest to body builders.

Most people who have been on a diet will have found out quickly that it is no easy task to see it through to the diets ultimate goal of weight loss that stays off. The body has many ways of disrupting your dieting aims by changing the way that it works. Restrict your food for long enough and your body will go into starvation mode or adjust the rate at which things happen in order to survive the new situation that it finds itself in. Carb cycling and Calorie shifting effectively trick the body by continually changing the game plan. Learn how to implement these diets and produce meal plans that will lead to dieting success.

Add in exercise and you can finely tune your body so that weight is lost and new muscle is made. This book gives plenty of ways that exercise can be effectively fitted in with the diet to give the best possible results. Learn how to avoid dietary plateaus and follow the suggestions on how to boost your metabolism so that weight is lost quickly. Get this book and discover this whole new way of dieting and body control.

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